The Colorado Driving Record - Overview

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This is what a real, Colorado Driving Record looks like.  Only we can get this for you, because our competitors are not located here in Colorado.  They "buy" the data and then reformat the data to fit their own system.  

In the top section, you'll find general information about you, your address, license type and status.  

In the bottom section, you'll find everything that has been done with your license (renewals, suspensions, etc) as well as any traffic infractions you have been assessed points for. 

This record can be very, very long or it can be short.  It all really depends on how well you drive and how long you've had your license.  We've seen lifetime histories for bad drivers that are fifteen pages long!  

But whatever it looks like, count on us to get you the real record and not some database-produced quasi-record.  

Here's a little excerpt from our blog on the driving record:  

The first important thing to understand is there is a difference between a driving record and a criminal.   If you’re stopped by a cop for speeding, remember that he gives you a ticket (usually called a summons) to appear in court.  He has accused you of speeding, and this is your chance to argue that you were not speeding in front of a judge.  That’s a criminal proceeding, and anything (and everything) that happens in that criminal proceeding is recorded for posterity.  What you’re charged with, what you please to - whatever. So you show up to court, but you don’t get to talk to the judge right away. Instead, just like any criminal proceeding, you first have a preliminary hearing with the DA (the city or county or district attorney that represents the state, county or city that holds jurisdiction over the area where you were cited.  The DA’s s job is to speak with you and weigh the merits of the case.  This is your first chance to present your case and (hopefully) get the government to drop the ticket.   For more, see our blog! 

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