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Your Colorado PIN (personal identification number) is your drivers license number.  It follows a specific format:  

  • The first two digits are the year in which your license was originally issued*
  • The second three numbers correlate to the Julian Date that your license was issued**.  
  • The last four digits are represent the sequential number for whatever DMV was doing that day.  If its a 0001, then you were the first piece of business for Colorado on that day.  

Your Document Number is almost always the same as your PIN, bust can sometimes be different.  That's because if you do not have a Colorado license but get a ticket while in Colorado, the DMV still needs a way to track you - so the assign a PIN.  If you do not have a Colorado license, then this field is normally blank.  

*For Colorado drivers that have had their license prior to 1992, your license begins with "92", even if you had one before then.  That's because 1992 was when Colorado converted to a PIN system (instead of the old A-NNNNNN format).  

**A "Julian Date" is the sequential numerical day of the year, instead of using a month/day format. So January 1st is always 001, and December 31st is always 365 (except in a leap year).  So if your drivers license number is 96-033-1234, that means your license was issued on February 2nd, 1996 (the 33rd day of the year).