Your Colorado DRIVING RECORD Identification Information

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This is pretty self explanatory, so we won't spend a bunch of time on it.  But your MVR, as does your license, contains your complete name, birth date, a general description and your address that is on file with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. 

The first thing you'll see will be your name.  You should make sure everything is spelled correctly.  And if you have more than one last name and need it to be hyphenated, this is where you make sure its correct as well.  This is an official document, and so if other documents don't match what this says (like a passport or an insurance identification card), then you could find yourself in a bad situation.  

Another important area is you address. If you get stopped by a cop and the address on your license doesn't match the address on your registration, you could get a ticket for that, too.  We all register our vehicles every year and so when we move, it isn't much after that when we update our registration by paying for our plates.  But lots of people move three or four times in a license period without changing their license.  Bad idea..