Points. Points. Points. A point or two, here and there, probably isn't that bad. But if you start piling up a bunch of points - especially in a short period of time - and you could face suspension. 

Adult (21+) drivers that are assessed 12 points in a 12-month period or 18 points in a 24 month period can be suspended.

​Minor drivers (18-20) can lose their driving privileges with 9 points in 12 months or 12 points in 24 months.

16 - 18 Drivers? Be careful! Just 6 points in 12 months and you'll be walking! That's just one speeding ticket at 20+ over the posted limit!

Points not only change your driving habits, they also change your spending habits. More points = higher insurance premiums.

​Here are the most common infractions that receive points.

12 Leaving scene of accident
12 Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs 
8 Driving while ability is impaired by alcohol
12 Speed contests 
12 Eluding or attempting to elude a police officer 
8 Reckless driving 
4 Careless driving 
3 Failure to yield right-of-way 
1 Speeding over posted limit 5–9 m.p.h. 
​4 10–19 m.p.h. 
6 20–39 m.p.h. 
12 40–or more m.p.h.
6 Failure to stop for a school bus 
4 Driving on wrong side of road 
4 Failure to maintain or show proof of insurance 
4 Improper passing 
4 Failure to observe traffic sign or signal 
3 Improper turn
3 Driving through safety zone 
3 Driving in wrong lane or direction on one-way street 
2 Failure to signal or improper signal 
4 Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
2 Improper backing
2 Failure to dim or turn on lights 
2 Operating an unsafe vehicle

Finally, remember that what shows up on your driving record is what you were convicted of in court.  So if you got a ticket for speeding, but agreed to pay early for a reduction in charges, the reduced charge is what you plead guilty to - and that's what shows up on your record!