What to do if your license has been revoked, denied or suspended.

To reinstate after a suspension or revocation: 1.Identify your eligibility date communicated at the hearing or via mail and specific reinstatement requirements. o   If you are unable to locate this information, fill out the Your Personal Reinstatement Information form and submit for an email response. Or call Customer Service at 303-205-5613. 2.Certain Full Service Driver's License Offices can reinstate the following suspensions and revocations (requirements are listed below each): Unpaid Tickets (within CO and out-of-state).  a.  Paid receipt from the court b.  $95.00 reinstatement fee c.  New license and fee required   Child Support.  a.  Compliance received by DMV from child support agency b.  $95.00 reinstatement fee 
Point Suspensions.  a.     Period of suspension complete b.      Evidence of current liability insurance with your name on the policy c.      $95.00 reinstatement fee   For mail-in applications: 1.Complete the Application for Reinstatement (Form DR 2870).  2.Mail the completed application, check or money order for $95 and specific requirements (for example: evidence of insurance, SR22, etc.) to the address noted on the application. You must clearly write your name and date of birth on the coupon when paying by money order. Mail this information approximately 30-60 days before your eligibility date.This allows us to complete your request in a timely manner.  3. Allow up to 20 business days after mailing for us to complete your application. 4.Once we verify that all the necessary information has been received and we have completed processing the application, we will mail a Letter of Clearance to the address you listed on the application.     Additonal Information: The letter you receive when the restraint action is first taken states the beginning and ending dates of the suspension or revocation period. The Division of Motor Vehicles does not notify drivers when their suspension or revocation period has ended. Information may be requested from the DMV regarding the period and reinstatement requirements of a current restraint.  
A driver's license suspension or revocation is a separate action from any court case. Reinstatement of your driving privileges is not automatic. To regain your driving privileges you must follow the Department's reinstatement procedures and physically receive a license, even if your court case was dismissed. 

License suspension and revocation information is shared with all 50 states. No state may issue a driver's license if there is an active suspension or revocation in another state. If your suspension or revocation originated in another state you must follow that state's reinstatement procedures.

The Department does not notify a driver when their suspension or revocation period has ended. The letter you receive when the action is first taken states the beginning and ending dates of the suspension or revocation period. 

Revoked Licenses