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Your Identification Information


License Status

License Type

Issue Date

Understanding Citations and Actions

Understanding The Points System

Reading An MVR

Your Colorado driving record can be confusing, but here's some help.  

Sometimes there's a lot of entries, and sometimes its clean as a whistle.  But do you really know what your Colorado driving record says?  Follow along as we explain each part of your record so you can understand.  

Next - An Overview of the MVR

We will take you though some records and show you what they look like, as well as an explanation of the actions and causes to generate the items on the sample record.  We'll see what it looks like if you are cited for Driving with No Insurance. or what happens when you have suspension and revocation issues on your license.   

Although a record can contain different information based on the driver’s history, each record has common items. So we'll cover the most common items.  

A Colorado driving record includes:

Current license or application information, 
Convictions for traffic violations, 
Civil infraction determinations, 
Failure to answer court judgments, 
Accidents, and
License withdrawal actions or restrictions on driving privileges.

We'll also cover OJWs.  OJW stands for Outstanding Judgment Warrant.  If an OJW is incurred a fee is still owed to the court on a ticket (citation).  If an OJW is put on your record it must be resolved or your license may be cancelled and denied.