Professional Services

If you are a licensed professional (attorney or investigator) or an employment screening company, we provide complete DMV record research and retrieval services at the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.  We are located just blocks from Colorado's DMV headquarters, located in Lakewood, Colorado.  This facility is the central repository in Colorado for driving records, accident records and vehicle records.  

If you are a company needing the driving records of your employees, please visit us at Employment Background Screening of Colorado (  

All requests must be fully FDPPA and/or FCRA compliant.  Attorneys and investigators must provide license or bar number.  Employment screening companies must provide signed release from applicant.  Employers must have a written release from their employees or job applicants.  

We have been Colorado's leader for over 15 years, providing on site DMV record research and retrieval to attorneys and legal professionals since 1997. Our office is located just blocks from the Colorado DMV headquarters, located in Lakewood, Colorado. We obtain driving records, accident reports and vehicle information - saving you time and money. For more information about us and our company, please visit

Colorado Driving Records (CoMVRs) is based in Lakewood, Colorado, just a few blocks from the Colorado State Division of Motor Vehicle headquarters. Established in 1997, we continue to be Colorado's premier DMV record retrieval service for attorneys, paralegals and investigators. We provide a cost effective alternative to going to the DMV yourself to obtain records, or mailing away to the DMV for records. Since we began in 1997, we have obtained over 50,000 records for over 1,200 lawfirms and paralegal professionals.

​Our value statement is simple. If you consider the cost of going to the DMV yourself, then a typical record will cost you much more than the state fee paid at the counter. And when you factor in the lost productivity time, that simple record could actually be costing you over $100! Look, you've got more important things to do besides driving to DMV (and fighting the traffic), standing in line    waiting for your record, and then fighting the traffic back to your office. Just order the record here on our website, and let us go to the DMV for you. We'll get the record and email it to you as a PDF attachment.