Identity Theft and DMV Records If your identity has been used during traffic violations, accidents, or arrests, here what you should do: First. obtain a copy of your motor vehicle record to determine in what city or county the impersonation occurred. File a police report with the law enforcement agency to start an investigation. Call the District Attorney's Office and/or residing Municipal or District/County Court to arrange for an identity hearing, if necessary, and pursue clearances of your records. Obtain a certified court Order of Factual Innocence (Colorado Revised Statute [C.R.S.] 16-5-103) or an order dismissing or vacating other charges against you due to the impersonation. If there was an arrest, contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at 303-239-4300 to have a fingerprint analysis done so your motor vehicle and CBI records can be corrected and "labeled" per Colorado Revised Statute [C.R.S.] 16-5-103 Accident reports must be amended by the reporting party or authority to have them removed from a motor vehicle record. The court orders and amended accident reports can be faxed directly from the law enforcement agencies or courts to 303-205-5615. Certified copies can be mailed or delivered to 1881 Pierce St., Rm. 136, Lakewood, CO 80214. Your record can be corrected and an alert can be added after these reports are received. Write and sign a short statement about the impersonation and include a specific request for an alert on your motor vehicle record. Include your: Name Date of birth Driver's license/ID number Address Information about any distinguishing body marks (tattoos, scars, or birthmarks), which may be helpful to law enforcement. Provide this same information, if known, about your impersonator. Fax your request and a copy of your police report to 303-205-5615, or mail or deliver them to 1881 Pierce St., Rm. 136, Lakewood, CO 80214. You may later request in writing that the alert be removed.