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Because feedback is the response to what the sender was trying to communicate to the person. If there is no feedback, then how is the sender supposed to know their reaction or their thought about what they just communicated to the receiver.If there is no feedback, what you have is someone simply giving a lecture, sermon, what ever you wish it to be called. Communication comes from a give and take even though the networks want to say they are communication fare. 

Of course besides having a speaker and listener those have to revert when one answers a statement. The important thing for communications to be successful is that both parties have to listen long enough to hear and try to understand the other persons ideas.

We want to listen to you long enough so that we understand what you need when you are looking for your Colorado driving record.  Do you need it for employment? For a new license?  Just curious? Let us know if you found our site useful and affordable and anything else we can do to help.  

So we started, where a person can obtain their own MVR through us.  We verify your identity by matching your payment method to the record.  A driving record across the counter - or by mail - is $2.20.  We go get it and charge you $12.99 (which includes that state fee).  So for about $10 over the cost of doing it yourself, let us go stand in line and get it.  You have better things to do!

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