How do I get a copy of a report of an accident that I was involved in? 

Well, you can order the record through us for $20. We'll go to the DMV and get it for you, usually by the next day. If we can't get the record (sometimes the police department neglects to send a copy to DMV), we'll either refund your purchase price or give you additional options to locate your report.

Or, you can do it this way:

Send a written request to DMV with:

Your name
Date of birth
Your Driver License Number
Your signature
Your mailing address
Date of the accident
The location (City and County) of the accident
The required fee 

Allow eight weeks for receipt of the accident report by the enforcement agency and data entered into the driver's license system.  (Accidents investigated by the Colorado State Patrol are electronically sent to the and are usually available within one week from the date of the accident.)  Please note the DMV can only release the report on an accident that was investigated by a law enforcement agency or one for which you personally filled out a counter report.  The Department maintains accident information for seven years.

Accident Reports