About Colorado Driving Records - our history

Our company was originally founded in 1997 as a cost effective alternative for attorneys, investigators and paralegals who needed records from the Colorado DMV.  The company's first name was Delphic Information Systems, and only serviced the needs of private investigators.  Soon after it was founded, word spread about the value of the service for attorneys and law firms that needed driving records, and the list of satisfied clients grew and grew until we were the biggest and most trusted record vendor in the state.  

Because the company was founded by a private investigator, the attorneys were soon asking for help in locating missing persons, background checks and other investigative inquiries outside of driving records.  The company changed its name to Delphic Investigative Services and began offering standard investigative assistance to Colorado attorneys.  

As time went on, companies started asking for help with pre-employment screening.  Finally with so many different divisions, the company was separated into three separate entities.  CoMVRs, our parent company, returned to its roots of offering nothing but DMV records to attorneys and private investigators.  Pre-Employment screening and investigative services were spun off into separate companies that have their own special clients.  

But we also saw a need for the consumer.  You may not be a "credentialed" individual, but you need a cost effective alternative to driving down to the Colorado DMV (if there's even one near you) and obtaining your record.  With gas prices between $3 and $4 per gallon, you have to factor that in to the actual cost of the record.  And your time? How valuable is that?  

So we started ColoradoDrivingRecords.org, where a person can obtain their on MVR through us.  We verify your identity by matching your payment method to the record.  A driving record across the counter - or by mail - is $2.20.  We go get it and charge you $12.99 (which includes that state fee).  So for about $10 over the cost of doing it yourself, let us go stand in line and get it.  You have better things to do! 

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