Can you purchase your own driving record (MVR) or letter of clearance straight from the DMV? 

Absolutely - but you'll need to go there yourself - because Colorado does not offer an online service for Colorado drivers to download a copy of their own report. You'll need to take off from work and go during normal business hours, wait in line, pay the fee and then wait for your record to be printed. Or you can mail a request to DMV, along with your check, and wait a couple of weeks to get it back.

But your best option is to use us to go to the DMV for you. We go there several times each day and obtain records for attorneys and businesses. Since we're already there, we can also grab your for just about ten bucks over the cost of the record. It saves you so much time in your busy day.

But, if you'd rather do it yourself, here's what the Colorado DMV says about your options for purchasing your own record:

"The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles maintains driving records that reflect activity posted to the record for the past seven years. (They cannot be limited to show periods of less than seven years.) These records are maintained in accordance with State and Federal laws including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission.  

You may purchase non-certified copies of your driving record at full service Driver's License Offices. Certified copies of driving records are available only at the Division of Motor Vehicles, 1881 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80214.

Requests must include: Full name, Date of birth, Driver License Number (if available), Complete and legible original signature of driver, Photocopy of driver's photo ID bearing signature, $2.20 fee ($2.70 certified copy) - do not send cash. 

Privacy laws prevent us from providing you with a driving record other than your own without that person's permission. If you are requesting a record as an employer or because of a pending court case, you may be permitted to receive the record based upon the criteria of the Driver Record Search Requestor Release . 

This form may be printed from our website and submitted with the appropriate fee. Click here for our mailing address."